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Your CV Shuffle includes a video profile, a CV and in-app chat so you can talk directly with employers and accelerate the hiring process.

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CV Shuffle is the ultimate job app for:
Get a job in 24 hours with CV Shuffle. We use video profiles and in-app chat to communicate more than just your written CV and simplify the hiring process. One swipe to apply!
Cut the vetting process in half with video profiles alongside CVs and instant messaging direct to their phone. No more waiting for replies, no more disinterested candidates – secure the right person for the job in hours.
See the person behind the CV with CV Shuffle – find candidates that will not only excel in your role but truly match your company culture too.

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What our users are saying

  • Interesting concept, using video CV’s to speed up the recruitment process. It’s been a good experience so far considering CV Shuffle is still in the start up phase. I will continue to use their services to quickly recruit high quality temporary staff.

    Daniel W
  • I needed 5 more people to join our sales team urgently as our client surprised us with extra work. I used CV shuffle to allocate the spots quickly and fount the whole experience quite refreshing. I especially liked that i could see the candidates video to give me a better idea of who they were before meeting them.

    Jamie C
  • I need staff on very short notice, CV Shuffle gave me the tools to find and talk to potential nurses and get them on site that same day! If you are looking for Temps, look no further.

    Stephanie R
  • Great! So easy no paperwork! Love the new job, will definitely recommend this app to my friends.

    Hamad A
  • The video CV is just fabulous! It was easy for me to show my personality – which is so important for my job. The process was really easy with minimal paperwork. I now have a fantastic new job.

    Susan G
  • I love the new concept and it was a great help in finding my new position. Quick and easy! I only had one issue, I thought the search results were a bit too wide.

    Lynn K
  • I stayed with my previous company because the idea of leaving and having to go through the aggravation of CVs, cover letters and multiple interviews, put me off. However, CV Shuffle was unlike any experience I’ve had job hunting before and I actually enjoyed the whole experience.

    Stuart D
  • At last an app that allows me to express myself on film….so cool! Easy to use and a quick response.

    Simon S
  • CV Shuffle was new for us, but I was pleasantly surprised with how efficient their process it was, especially being able to see potential applicants before engaging in conversation. Having never been able to do this before, it was a game changer.

    James C
  • I used the video CV in my application and it truly allowed me to express myself. The hiring manager commented that the video CV made me stand out above the other candidates.

    David B
  • I wanted to change my role for a while however, the idea of trudging through traditional websites filled me with loathing. CV Shuffle was fast and simple, I could search when travelling to work, easily apply and instantly chat to the hiring manager. I think the video CV really enhanced my application.

    Joanna S